Plan & Go | Trans-Catalina & Backbone Trails (Paperback)

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Plan & Go | Trans-Catalina & Backbone Trails is the definitive guide to hiking two of Southern California's most remarkable backcountry trails.

Author: Samuel Ward
Publisher: Sandiburg Press
Series: Plan & Go Hiking

ISBN: 978-1-943126-08-8
Pages: 166 (b/w)
Format: 6×9 in.



Plan & Go | Trans-Catalina & Backbone Trails is the definitive guide to hiking two of Southern California’s most remarkable backcountry trails. In a clear and concise manner, the book illustrates the highlights and unique characteristics of both the Trans-Catalina Trail and the Backbone Trail. It provides details on all essential trip planning topics to save you time and effort with your own preparations. Supported by step-by-step instructions and first-hand recommendations, you will be well-equipped and feel more confident about leaving the metropolitan hustle and bustle behind to experience nature at its best.

The book provides answers to the following questions (and more):

  • When is the best time to go?
  • How many days should I spend?
  • What are my camping options?
  • What kind of gear works best?
  • How do I prepare for each trail?
  • Where to resupply food & water?
  • How do I get there and back?

In addition, Plan & Go | Trans-Catalina & Backbone Trails offers practical advice on athletic training, which food to pack and in what quantities, how to select appropriate gear, and various other essentials for each trail. The book further includes relevant overview maps of the trails and comprehensive campsite listings to help you create itineraries that best suits your personal preferences. The wealth of facts and figures is topped off with two candid and inspiring accounts of the author’s back-to-back journeys across Santa Catalina Island and the Santa Monica Mountains.

In addition to hiking the Trans-Catalina Trail and Backbone Trail twice each, Sam Ward has backpacked over 7,000 miles along the Appalachian Trail (2008), Pacific Crest Trail (2011), and Continental Divide Trail (2015), aka the Triple Crown, as well as many more as a weekend warrior. He works as an environmental engineer and lives in Los Angeles.


Plan & Go | Trans-Catalina & Backbone Trails (Paperback)

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