Introducing our Team

Plan & Go Hiking started out as two friends sharing a common interest in both outdoor activities as well as great gear and thorough preparation. We know that most people would like to focus primarily on the “going part” of an adventure and are often put off by the “planning part”, so our plan & go concepts aim to take the pain out of preparations – saving you time and money. Our overall goal is to facilitate more adventures, experiences, and lasting memories.

Gerret was investing major time nullin reading books, articles, and blogs, calling park services and resupply stations, trying freeze-dried meals, mapping travel options, and spending endless hours at outdoor stores – all just to hike the JMT. During the months of preparation, Gerret was astonished by the amount of information, the many contradictions therein, and all the possible options which really boiled down to a handful after a closer look. “The time you could save if someone just told you that” – he thought. With a background in business and engineering, Gerret started structuring, de-cluttering, and assessing the data he was gathering. In the end, he wanted to pin-point all relevant topics and leave only a few viable options in each one. Talking to lots of hikers along the trail, Gerret noticed that most were having the same experiences. Getting these experiences to people upfront would be extremely valuable, so he wrote down each one. This later became the first book.

JMT book cover frontKevin is an outdoor enthusiast and explorer at heart. To him, hiking is a great way to reconnect with nature while challenging one’s physical and mental abilities. In combination with camping, it is also a fun way to get out of the comfort zone and spend quality time with family and friends. Kevin has a degree in business and IT and is, much like Gerret, an advocate of minimizing the non-essential efforts of the hike planning process. Adventures like the John Muir Trail require thorough preparation, however, there are steps that are crucial and then there are others that are just time consuming. Consulting a comprehensive, yet concise reference like the JMT book will not only help focusing on what is important but also reducing the overall planning effort so more time and energy can be spend on the actual adventure.