Accelerating the Preparation Process

Sound knowledge is necessary but may not be enough – oftentimes only the right tools enable the desired outcome. The following tools help you assess your hiking schedule, distances, and gear. For planning a multi-day hike, it is especially important to find the right balance between safety reserves and excess weight.

Currently, the following tools are specific to the John Muir Trail:

Estimate of Trail Days

Initial estimate, depending on your age and level of fitness

Macro & Micro Planning

Structure hiking weeks and break them down into daily goals

Fuel Needs

Formula to approximate fuel consumption


Keep track of all food and gear for shopping, resupply, and packing


The tools offered here are free excerpts from the book Plan & Go | The John Muir Trail where more detailed information can be found.

Please be cautious when using the tools out of context and remember that they are only intended to serve as general guidance. Only you and your hiking buddies can judge your capabilities and needs!