Fuel Needs

Most hikers will chose to bring a gas or liquid fuel fired stove to heat food and water. Approximating the proper amounts to bring, as both too much and too little are a burden, is the aim of the below formula.

Summarizing the book’s information, here are two ways of estimating your fuel needs in ounces and grams:

Estimating Fuel

For example, Anne is planning 15 days on the JMT with one resupply after 8 days; i.e., her first section is 8 days and her second section is 7 days long. Anne does not like hot drinks and estimates her hot water demand per day to be 27oz/0.8ltr. Additionally, 5 of her first section meals each have to be simmered for 10min.

Anne’s fuel estimates for section one and two in Ounces are:

  • 8 x 27oz x 0.012oz/oz + 5 x 10min x 0.035oz/min = 4.34oz
  • 7 x 27oz x 0.012oz/o + 0 = 2.27o

So in total, Anne will need approx. 6.6oz of fuel for the entire trip.

Accordingly, her fuel estimates for section one and two in Grams are:

  • 8 x 0.8ltr x 11.5g/ltr + 5 x 10min x 1g/min = 124g
  • 7 x 0.8ltr x 11.5g/ltr + 0 = 64g

So in total, Anne will need approx. 188g of fuel for the entire trip.

For further information on differences between gas and liquid fuel as well as simmering and means of minimizing fuel consumption, please refer to Plan & Go | The John Muir Trail.

Please be cautious when using the tools out of context and remember that they can only act as general guidance. Also, please be especially cautious when handling gas/fuels and take all necessary precautionary measures.


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